your-way-hostingVPS hosting solutions are selling like hot cakes among small and medium sized businesses. VPS or Virtual Private Server has become a popular solution in the recent times and it can bridge the gap between the flexibility of dedicated server hosting and the disadvantages of shared hosting effectively. Virtualization software is the mastermind behind creating a VPS which helps to partition a physical server and create multiple servers in it so that each of these multiple servers is entirely independent and not reliant on its neighbors. The price of VPS hosting is more or less the same as that of reasonable shared hosting but it provides the control one usually finds in a dedicated server hosting solution.

You can experience a lot of advantages by using VPS hosting. Firstly, you will be able to enjoy stability which means that your operation will not be affected by the traffic of other VPS customers. This isn’t possible in the case of shared hosting but with VPS hosting it is very much possible! Secondly you will also experience better performance.


Your visitors will have faster load times because you have your own share of resources. Another advantage is that you will get to have dedicated resources like extra disk space, RAM and CPU. Yet another advantage of using this kind of hosting plan is that you will enjoy flexibility, which means that you will get to install any software and operating system on your server.

In order to decide whether VPS hosting is good for you or not, you will need to take a look at the features. The first feature of VPS hosting is root access. Having root access would mean that you will have complete control over the VPS account which belongs to you. So you can choose which software you want to install and also change the configurations by using the interface of the control panel application.

VPS hosting requires you to manage and control your own server just like dedicated hosting. So that means you will get to do the task of being the controller and this can be a big plus point for those who are tech-savvy. If you aren’t tech-savvy then you can hire companies which specialize in management and support services to lend a helping hand in case of administrative tasks.

When you use a good VPS hosting solution you will be better protected against threats from hackers, DDoS attacks and malicious software. Also while choosing a VPS hosting solution you will need to ensure that you can backup your data just in case things go awry in the provider’s network.